DHANTERAS…The holy and auspicious day to buy new clothes, ornaments, jewellery etc. This day is recognized as a day on which whatever we buy is going to be good for us or its going to be fruitful.In the markets, all shops are decorated with the best they have, all the fancy items, the sweets and other stuffs.

In the evening, I was sitting like everyday, thinking about what to do next, then I remember that today is Dhanteras so according to the Indian culture the whole market is going to decorate. Hence I decided to go market for sightseeing. So I stood up and get ready to go. But before I left my house I didn’t find my bike around, so I decided to do a great job and walk to the market.

The  market was so decorated, well lightened and looking damn beautiful. It was full of energy, enthusiasm and the joy of festival. Everytime a festival comes I remembered how I used to celebrate them in my childhood. Before the 15 days or more of Diwali, we started  painting our homes, crack the firecrackers, moms were busy in making sweets and the happiness were all around. But in today’s time it faded away.The life become so hectic and we don’t have time to celebrate the festivals which are the life of Indian Culture. So when I moved on I saw different shops some had things for decoration, some had sweets and Chaats, and blah… blah… But the different thing I saw was that some shops had differnet names but they were selling the food or chaat.

So as I moved on, I saw some girls… I found them so interesting because some of them  were dancing on a holy song playing in an auto rickshaw and the dance were so good that I couldn’t keep my eyes away from them. But as soon as Auto rickshaw driver stopped the song they stopped dancing and I was behaving like why??? All of them was so awesome. Some of them had noticed me and stop earlier then the driver stopped the song. After that, I was looking them and they all were looking at me with the smile on their faces. I felt so happy at that time and I decided to take  a picture of them.When I took my phone out for picture they all were become more happy and started getting ready for the picture. All of them wanted to come in front so that she would be in focus. I just tell them to  be calm and stay at their places everyone would come in the picture. After the picture, they all were so excited to see themselves in the picture. “When I was leaving the place the girls were asking for money…”

…I left the place but again I came to know about the bitter truth of society and socialism. What are we going through? Is this the development we want? We are running for the money not for the happiness and joy. Somewhere we are getting money minded. We decorate our shops, we celebrate the festivals, we do heavy shopping, we buy costly phones and all, but…are we satisfied with all these? I think NO. We should decorate someone’s home who can’t do it by himself. I am sure that his one smile will make us satisfy and make our festivals happier than ever.